"Buyer beware" is never more true than when buying a home.  Nobody wants to move in and immediately find out that their dream home is anything but. Avoid costly repairs or inconveniences by having a home inspection done to provide a detailed and thorough look at your future home. I will inspect in places that you do not want to go or did not know existed to provide an exacting account of the house you are considering purchasing. For example crawl spaces can reveal structural issues and substandard plumbing and wiring, while actually looking in the attic can reveal rot and water damage.  A home inspection will find out if a property is truly a "good deal", or, as a lawyer may phrase it , - "land value less demolition costs".   A home inspection report in the hands of a seller ensures that prospective buyers will not haveany misgivings in the final stages of a sale. By having an inspection done prior to listing a property, the seller knows of any potential problems before the house goes up for sale. The seller can also advertise the quality of house construction after a positive home inspection report.  A home for sale with a recent inspection report available is an important selling feature to prospective buyers.  I  bring years of construction/renovation  experience and a BSc when conducting inspections. I also have InterNACHI certification which gives me an academic background to produce your home inspection report to industry standards recognized by banks, financial institutions, and mortgage dealers. I have the independence and integrity to report  on the property as I see it.